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A hectic month!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

This month has been extremely busy, with schedules and demands that can't be met. The following week, I have two shoots which are close to each other. Luckily for both spots, I have a good and dedicated team. Phew

Even though my mind is all over the place, I have to remind myself, how lucky I am. I'm aware there are some who are itching to get back to work due to the epidemic. What I have realised is, that it'll be helpful to have someone organise my schedule and dates hehe. But I'm managing...barely.

The past several days, I've been doing a ton of recce aka location scouting. I'm trying to get involved as much in the process as possible. As a film director, you have to treat every job as though it's your last. That quote wasn't from me btw.

Ok, about to shut down. My eye lids have been weighing on me for the past few days. I'll let you know if I survive this debacle.

Asua out

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